Ford Insurance Agency, Inc.

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Company History:

The Ford Insurance Agency was founded in 1910 by Mr. Mervin Ford as a part-time agency catering to the personal insurance needs of local residents. As the agency steadily grew in size, Mervin retired from his full-time employment at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and devoted all his energies to the insurance agency. Mervin's son, Wilson, joined the agency after serving in World War II as a naval officer and continued to work with his father until Mervin retired in the 1960's. The personal lines approach, developed by Mervin, was then continued and expanded upon by Wilson.  The original office for the agency was located in Kittery, Maine.

In 1975, Gary L. Lonsinger joined the agency and started an expansion from the personal lines approach to a complete multiple lines agency. Primary efforts were then directed toward commercial growth and expanding the agency's markets.  In 1979, Ford Insurance Agency opened a branch office in Portsmouth, New Hampshire to better serve its New Hampshire and Massachusetts clients. By this time, the agency had more than tripled in size and was noted by its competitors as a top commercial lines agency, In early 1982, Wilson retired, leaving Gary and Nancy as President and Vice President, respectively, of the Ford Insurance Agency, Inc. Growth continued in 1982 with the acquisition of the Dover Insurance Agency and the establishment of the agency's third office in Dover, New Hampshire.  Today, all three offices have merged together in the Eliot, Maine location, making the Ford Insurance Agency a highly competitive, fully computerized general lines agency serving the needs of a wide array of clients.

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