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Garage Liability Insurance:


This Insurance coverage will protect your business from financial loss, in the event the loss is directly related to the operations of your garage.  This includes both the exposure of customers coming on and off your premises and when you are test driving a customers auto. 


Insurance Needed: 

Information regarding your Building : 

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Distance to Fire Hydrants: 

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DRIVE AWAY COLLISION: This coverage provides protection for vehicles you buy or sell at an auction or sale when more than fifty miles away from your place of business.  Provides collision coverage only.

DRIVE OTHER CAR: This coverage protects your business when an employee is held liable for damage to others property, while driving a borrowed auto for personal use.  This coverage is normally purchased for executives of the company and their spouse.

FALSE PRETENSE COVERAGE: This form covers an auto dealer in the event that they turn a vehicle over to someone that they think, through fraud or deception is a prospective purchaser and then the car is stolen.  This coverage also applies to a situation where a dealer buys a car from someone other than the true owner.

GARAGE KEEPERS:This coverage protects your business in the event a customer's auto is damaged by fire, lightning, explosion, theft, vandalism or mischief.  Auto equipment left in your care is also included.  A separate deductible applies to comprehensive and collision losses.

HIRED AUTO: This coverage provides protection when a hired or borrowed auto is damaged while in your possession and you or your firm is held liable for the loss.

INSURED CONTRACT: Insured contract provides contractual liability on the rental or lease of your auto's when using a rental or lease agreement. We will obtain a copy of any such agreements before authorizing coverage.

NEWLY ACQUIRED OWNED AUTO'S: Auto's which you acquire and own, when purchased after the policy inception date, will be covered as long as notice is given within 30 days of acquisition to our agency or to  directly.

NON-OWNED AUTO: This coverage provides protection in the event of negligence by you or an employee which occurs while they are driving a non- owned company vehicle, such as their own personal auto, while performing job related duties.

PHYSICAL DAMAGE: This coverage provides payment for physical damage loss to your customers vehicles or those held for sale.  Settlement is paid up to the actual cash value of the damaged vehicle when directly caused by the operations of your business, but not to exceed the stated policy limit.

PREMISES MEDICAL PAYMENTS: This coverage provides payment to injured members of the public
for medical payments incurred when caused by your garage operations, regardless of who is at "fault".

PRODUCTS AND COMPLETED OPERATIONS This coverage provides payments on your behalf should bodily injury or property damage arise from the existence and operations of your garage, including claims arising out of products sold or distributed, or work completed.  Actual labor is not covered.

SPECIFIED CAUSES OF LOSS: This coverage pays for loss or damage to your covered auto for losses other than collision such as fire, theft, hail, vandalism or explosion.  There is no coverage for glass breakage or animal collision.  A $25 deductible applies to vandalism losses, no deductible for any other covered peril.

UNINSURED MOTORISTS: This coverage provides protection in the event an uninsured or hit-and-run motorist causes damage to your garage property or that of which you have the care or custody of, and the liable motorist can not pay for the damages, or is not identified.