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Auto Insurance is designed to protect both you and your car in the event of accident, theft, injury and other damages. Please ask one of our agents about our home and auto discount package. Listed below are coverages available for an auto insurance policy.


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BODILY INJURY LIABILITY: This coverage provides protection against financial loss should your auto injure others and you are held liable.  Includes such expenses as medical bills and lost wages.  You are covered up to the policy limit per one individual and to an increased limit for an accident injuring two or more people.

This coverage pays for damages to your auto which are caused by collision with any object or overturn of your auto.  It pays to the policy limit, minus the deductible amount you select, or to the actual value of the auto.

This provides a single liability limit for any damages caused by your auto.  For example: You could have a 50,000/100,000 bodily injury limit and 25,000 property; or one single limit for all claims combined, such as 100,000.  This would give you $100,000 protection for all damages, bodily injury or property, per each occurrence.

This coverage pays for loss or damage to your auto (other than collision) when caused by theft, wind, fire, vandalism, explosion, or any other covered peril. It pays to the policy limit, minus the deductible amount you select, or to the actual value of the auto.

Below are some helpful articles:

Tips For Protecting Boats And Motorcycles

Before you take your motorcycle on the road or put your boat on the water, it may pay to be certain your insurance is ship-shape.

Motorcycles and boats are often significant investments, and the right insurance policy can help protect them. Here are a few tips, courtesy of Ford Insurance Agency:

• Evaluate your specific needs. Insuring a boat or a motorcycle is different than insuring your car or home. A specialized motorcycle policy, for instance, can provide coverage for custom paint jobs and aftermarket equipment that might not be covered if the bike were just added to a generic auto policy.

• Similarly, a specialized boat policy could cover things like the cost to replace lost or damaged fishing gear and costly services such as emergency on-water towing and fuel-spill cleanup. You probably wouldn’t get this coverage by adding a boat to a homeowner’s policy.

• Consult with an independent agency – like Ford Insurance Agency. Unlike “captive” agents who represent only one company, independent insurance agents and brokers are licensed insurance professionals who represent several companies. They can offer you a variety of coverages, review and evaluate your policies, suggest new coverage options that meet your changing needs and answer your questions.

“An independent insurance agent or broker can make sure you have the specialized coverage you need to protect your boat or bike,” said Jim Lloyd, of the Progressive Group of Insurance Companies. “Some insurance companies provide only bare-bones protection for your boat or motorcycle by simply adding it onto your existing auto or homeowner’s policy, but independent agents and brokers can review and evaluate your needs to help match you with the company that will provide you with the combination of specialized coverage, service and price that’s best for you.”


Keeping Fido safe on the road

Pet owners spend a whopping $40 billion on their furry friends each year. That’s enough to buy a gallon of gas for every man, woman and child in the United States … 44 times.

Insurance companies haven’t always viewed pets with the same passion as their owners. If you’re in an accident, generally everyone in the car - except your four-legged friend - is covered.

The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies now recognizes Fido and Fifi as family members. A Progressive policy with Collision coverage now extends to cats and dogs. The coverage pays up to $500 if your dog or cat is hurt or dies as a result of a car accident.
And, best of all, the coverage is free.

"We know how much our customers love their dogs and cats. Many of us have pets, too, and we feel the same way," said Geoff Souser of Progressive. "Progressive has a long history of product and service innovations that prove you can teach an old dog new tricks. Knowing that most people think of their pets as family members, it felt like the right thing to do."

Progressive’s pet injury coverage is available in most states.


MEDICAL PAYMENTS: This coverage provides protection against financial loss when you or others in your auto are injured.  It includes such expenses as medical bills and surgery.  You are covered up to the policy limit, regardless of who is at fault.  This coverage will help fill in the gaps you may have in your own personal or family health plan.

DEATH AND DISMEMBERMENT: Payment will be made in the event you or your spouse are injured in a auto accident or as a pedestrian hit by an auto, and death or dismemberment results.

PERSONAL INJURY PROTECTION: This coverage provides protection in the event you are injured in an auto accident.  Expenses such as medical and rehabilitation cost, wage-loss, replacement services, and funeral costs are covered up to thepolicy limit regardless of who is at fault.


PROPERTY DAMAGE LIABILITY: This coverage provides protection against financial loss should your auto damage the property of others and you are held liable. This includes property such as an auto, house, fence, or building. You are covered up to the policy limit for each separate occurrence.


RENTAL REIMBURSEMENT: This coverage pays for the rental of an auto, up to a stated limit, when your insured auto is disabled due to a collision or comprehensive damage.


SOUND EQUIPMENT: This coverage pays for loss of a non-factory installed sound system which is used to transmit, receive, or reproduce sound. This endorsement also covers loss of CB radio, telephone, CD unit, scanning monitor, antennas, speakers and other accessories used with your sound equipment.


TAPES AND CD'S: This coverage pays for the loss of tapes and  CD's, if damaged or stolen from your insured auto, up to the stated limit.


TOWING AND LABOR: This coverage pays for towing and emergency labor costs when the insured auto becomes disabled while on the road, up to a stated amount.


UNDERINSURED MOTORIST: This coverage pays the difference between the amount you are entitled to receive for an injury and the actual amount of insurance carried by the driver responsible for your injuries. You and your passengers are covered up to the policy limit.


UNINSURED MOTORIST: This coverage pays for expenses that you and your passengers incur as a result of injury caused by an uninsured motorist. The coverage also pays you and your family members up to the policy limit if you are a victim of a hit-and-run accident or are struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian.

Below are some helpful articles:

Three Tips To Help Your Vacation Get Off To A Worry-Free Start

With vacation season in full swing, you may be in the process of planning an annual getaway. While most people spend lots of time looking for ways to maximize their budget, one costly decision is often left to the last minute—whether to buy the optional insurance offered by a rental car company.

“Deciding whether to buy ‘damage waivers’ or insurance at the rental car counter can be a confusing experience—especially if you don’t know if you’re already covered by your personal auto insurance policy,” said Rick Crawley of the Progressive Group of Insurance Companies. “Optional rental car insurance can cost between $7 and $25 per day, depending on the rental car company, vehicle make and model and type of waiver. Those daily charges can significantly add to the cost of your rental.”

Follow these three tips, courtesy of Ford Insurance Agency, Inc, to help you decide whether or not you should buy the coverage:

1. Consult with an independent insurance agency – like Ford Insurance Agency, Inc. As licensed insurance professionals, independent insurance agents and brokers can review and evaluate your policies to find out if the coverage you have on your personal vehicle provides protection for you in a rental car.

2. Check with your credit card company. Some credit card companies provide coverage at no charge if you use their card to charge the cost of the rental. However, some restrictions may apply so be sure to ask for a description of the exact coverages provided.

3. Take your personal auto insurance policy and details of your coverages with you to the rental car counter. You may be asked a question that these papers can help answer—or, if you’re in doubt, you’ll have your agent’s name and phone number readily available. “We want people to have the information they need to make more informed decisions about car insurance,” said Crawley.

“Knowing whether you need to buy additional coverage can save you money and give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your vacation. Don’t start off your trip questioning your decisions—take control by talking with your independent agent or broker and knowing the answers to those inevitable questions.”

Protect your toys on the playground of life

Once reserved for getting from one green to the next, many people now “putt” around retirement parks and condo complexes in golf carts.Golf carts are quickly joining the ranks of ATVs, snowmobiles and personal watercraft as a favorite toy for grown-ups.But what happens if these items get stolen or damaged?

Make sure you’ve got the right combination of coverage and service to get you back on the trails and waterways quickly.
"One of the biggest benefits of specialized ‘toy’ insurance is that it covers you just about anywhere you want to go," says Marcy Gray of Progressive.

When it comes to big-kid toys, you can’t afford not to insure them. While fun to own, they can be costly to repair. If you add one of these to a homeowners policy and trouble occurs off your property, you could be on the hook.“Specialized coverages go well beyond the bare-bones coverage you get with a homeowners endorsement,” says Gray. “Stand-alone policies cover you for things like towing and accessory theft. Companies that sell specialized policies also generally have claims reps trained to get you back on the ‘playground’ fast.”